Other Finishes

About 30 years ago, when I was an interior painter, decorative paint rollers were in fashion. There was a shortage of them in the market, so I decided to manufacture them instead. I love art and love to design. I designed over 200 patterns. Wall decorating with various patterns is now making a come back, although the colors and patterns have changed. Today the fashion is not to have all walls in a room have a pattern, but only one - an accent wall. Examples of some of my patterns are below. You can view the rest of them at www.paintrollers.webnode.com. Or feel free to call me or email me for additional information.

Stone/Brick Imitation

Wallpaper Imitation using Decorative Paint Rollers



Jozef was the winner of "How to" contest among decorative painters organized by IDAL (International Decorative Artisans League) Read more here.

Brick and stone imitation come in any color, shape and texture. We can imitate practically any stone, and match to an existing piece.

Wood Imitation

Fireplace Remodel

Venetian Plaster

In addition to finishes listed above we also offer various decorative finishes using metallic paint, glass beads, glazes, and metallic glazes. 

We frequently design and cut our own stencils to get the most suitable design for our project.  In this gallery the first four pictures and the last one show stencils we designed.