Cabinet Finishes

Exterior Painting

Interior Painting


Whether you'd like a small room look larger or a large room look smaller, or just simply neat and clean we can help you with all that. We can also help you to choose the perfect color for your wall. Surfaces we finish look like new, no matter in what shape your walls were before we touched them. 

Window and Door Finishes.

Our clients have asked us to turn new cabinets to old as well as old cabinets to new. Either way it was fun. Cabinet finishes take a long time, but the project is fun and the results very rewarding. Our portfolio includes any cabinet finishes from kitchen cabinets to bathroom cabinet. We can help you with design as well. Pictures of more cabinets are coming soon. 

We finish windows, door, even garage doors to any style you like.  We can match stain as well as paint colors to match your existing doors and windows. Our finishes are creative, fun, artistic, and most importantly long lasting.  We also refinish existing doors whether it is fading, cracking, peelings, scratches, cracks, etc. We match the stain to the color on the interior part of the door, or to any color you might wish for. 

​For more door idea go to our Ideas page and click on the photo with doors.