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Faux finishes can save money. Click the link above to see how they might help you to save.

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Interior brick wall is getting more and more popular. We see white paint being removed from bricks to expose their natural beauty. If you like brick, but don't have a brick wall, we can make faux brick for you. It is cheaper than to install faux brick panels and you can have it in any color you like, even in colors like gray or blue. 

Painting should be fun and not a headache. Sometimes it's hard to decide what would be the best choice for your project. What color? What design? Below are some ideas that can help you with color and design decisions. Need more painting ideas? Contact us! We'll gladly help. 

Here you can find fun ideas for a feature or accent wall using metallic paint. 

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The most popular color for trims is white. But trims in color can be very elegant and creative.