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Faux finishes can be costly, but in many instances they can be a cheaper alternative to more costly projects.

Often small changes can make a dramatic impact. We can help you with design and ideas, while staying on budget. 

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About 40 years ago, there was a painter and artist, ...this is how he became a master at painting just about  anything.



Kiss Painting 

Remodeling and Home Design

Hard to find the right color? We can create a custom color designed for you. 

We accept credit cards in addition to cash and checks. 

1. Precise color matching on site. 
2. Removal from difficult surfaces: bricks, tiles, concrete or other unpainted surfaces by using our faux finishing expert skills. 
3. Application of anti-graffiti coating for easy removal in the future, for upto 10 years. 
4. Pressure washing of graffiti after anti-graffiti coating was applied and the building was repeatedly tagged.  

Graffiti removal

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Remodeling and Home Design
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